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Are You Unhappy or Dissatisfied in Your Relationship?

Are You Unhappy or Dissatisfied in Your Relationship?

Do you feel like your opinions, wants and needs are constantly neglected or disrespected? Are you struggling to communicate your values and goals clearly with a partner, colleague or family member? Has substance abuse, infidelity or domestic violence left you feeling confused, disconnected, betrayed or unsafe? Maybe you have been happily married for months or years, but recent changes in yourself, your partner or your shared communication dynamics are causing new concern. Perhaps you are coping with increased stress and conflict as a result of financial issues or a transition in family structure. You may feel like you are using all of your energy to navigate a conflicted or unloving relationship and find yourself wondering if your relationship has fallen into a cycle of abuse. As you focus on connecting with your partner, you may have a hard time keeping up with personal and professional responsibilities, which can make you feel increasingly alienated from yourself.

You may feel frustrated and alone as you struggle to enter and maintain healthy relationships. Maybe you are always picking the “wrong” people and repeating relationship patterns where you felt insecure or unloved. Or, you may have a strong emotional and physical connection with your partner but find yourselves repeating the same arguments without resolution. It can be unbearable and traumatic when you feel helpless to understand and address relationship issues. Do you wish you could develop the awareness, skills and confidence you need to foster respectful, fulfilling relationships?

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Every Relationship Faces Conflict

Relationship problems are the result of misunderstandings or miscommunication that occurs when two individuals bring their separate belief systems and histories together. We interpret the words and actions of others based on our prior relationship experiences, and it can be difficult to ask for clarification when we feel so sure of our partner’s intentions. There is an unspoken contract in each relationship, where both partners agree to protect, comfort and provide for the other’s emotional and physical needs. Many relationships experience unforeseen challenges such as addiction, infidelity or disagreements about how to raise your child. Additionally, traditional gender roles are shifting in our society, and it can be difficult adjusting to a new role following a family or career change. You may find yourself thinking, “This isn’t what I signed up for,” but you aren’t sure why you are dissatisfied or what you can do to heal and strengthen your relationship.

Many individuals make a conscious choice not to marry or have children, but the need to love and be loved remains. The relationships we build with our family members, friends and co-workers all play an important role in how happy and fulfilled we feel in our lives.

Whether you are in an unsatisfying relationship, struggling to find a loving partner or feeling disconnected from your family members and community, there are steps you can take to find healing and growth. Relationship counseling with Dr. Marselle can help you understand why you are struggling and develop communication and relationship skills to foster a healthy, trusting connection.

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Relationship Counseling Can Help You Feel Confident And Loved

Relationships impact every aspect of our wellbeing. Whereas unsatisfying relationships can damage our self-esteem and sense of who we are, fostering healthy connections can give our lives meaning, value and purpose. I offer effective, non-judgmental counseling in the comfort of your own home so you can feel safe and supported as you explore relationship issues and work toward solutions. I recognize that understanding and resolving relationship conflict is an “inside job” that can only be addressed when the people in the relationship feel motivated to make a change. I help you develop practical tools, resources, education and communication skills so you can work together to heal and strengthen your relationship. With the guidance and support of an experienced therapist, you can see how your beliefs and decisions are impacting your connections and take steps to get your relationships on track.

As you learn to communicate your experience more clearly and recognize how the other person is feeling, you can accept one another and reduce miscommunication. Instead of trying to fix others in your life, you can learn to become the person you want to be. You can see that your partner’s words and actions were not meant to offend you and instead, respond to the wants or needs he or she is trying to express. I will help you assess relationship problems and sort through difficult emotions so you can be mindful of yourself, your partner and areas of conflict. You can learn to recognize why you are struggling to connect and what you can do to start healing.

Your needs – and the needs of your relationships – will change over time, and I adapt my approach to your particular goals. I will pull from various theories, such as mindfulness therapy, to help you gain awareness of your unique thoughts, feelings, beliefs and goals. As you connect with your own experience on a deeper level, you can feel more confident sharing your wants, needs and concerns with others. Relationship counseling can help clarify the unseen forces that are impacting your life.

Many relationships find themselves crippled by issues of substance abuse, addiction or domestic violence. In addition to being a TeleMental Health Provider and licensed psychologist in the state of California, I have extensive experience providing addiction recovery services to users and codependents as both a detox nurse and a psychologist. I have worked with domestic violence perpetrators and the abused, helping individuals find relief and take steps to protect themselves or let go of unsafe relationships.

I have been helping individuals and couples in California strengthen their relationships for years. I accept all types of relationships, including families, professional relationships, intimate couples and members of the LGBT community. With online therapy, you can gain the awareness, confidence and communication skills you need to foster a healthy, loving relationship.

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But, you may still have questions or concerns about relationship counseling…

What if my partner refuses to come in?

There are many reasons your partner may resist relationship counseling, such as shame, guilt, denial or fear that he or she will be blamed for the relationship problems. He or she may not believe there is a problem that needs to be addressed or question whether therapy can really help. Maybe he or she tried couples counseling before but nothing changed in their relationship. You can work independently or with your partner to identify, understand and resolve conflict.

We’ve tried relationship counseling before but it didn’t work – how will this be different?

In every relationship you can either maintain your current connection or take steps to improve things. I offer a safe space where you can explore all of the factors that may be contributing to conflict with your partner, including culture, biology and each individual’s experience and beliefs. With the right support, you can build love and trust in your relationship.

I’m afraid my partner will leave me if he/she finds out I’m in relationship counseling

It is common to experience doubt when building an emotional connection with someone. Many individuals begin one-on-one relationship counseling as a way to address doubts or resolve personal issues, such as anxiety or depression, that may be affecting their ability to connect with their partner. You may wish to bring your partner in for couples counseling sessions but worry how they will react when you reveal that you have been in counseling. I will work with you to help you feel comfortable communicating openly with your partner and inviting him or her to participate in sessions. My goal is to understand each individual so I can better address the relationship issues. Whether you attend counseling independently or as a couple, I respect each client’s confidentiality.

If you are ready to heal and strengthen your relationship, or if you still have questions about online relationship counseling, I invite you to contact my office to schedule a FREE 15-minute complimentary phone consultation.

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