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Even at a young age, I saw that everyone has their own dreams of what their life and relationships should look like, but many struggle to feel happy and satisfied. As I grew older, I began to recognize that we live in a culture and society that often sends us negative and stressful messages that can make us doubt ourselves and question our priorities. As a result, we may sacrifice healthy relationships and ignore or dismiss positive thoughts, emotions and situations because we struggle to believe that we deserve or can find happiness and fulfillment. I recognized that I wanted to help people understand and address the problems that were keeping them from achieving their personal, professional and relationship goals.

In college, I pursued an education and career as a Registered Nurse (RN). I was aware that nurses, unlike doctors, were advocates for their patients in mind, body and spirit. Over the next 35 years, I had the opportunity to build deep and meaningful connections with many patients. I listened to these individuals, many of whom were struggling with issues beyond the physical illness or trauma that brought them to the hospital, and offered what support I could. As a nurse, I cared for and supported children, adults and the elderly as they struggled to cope with a variety of physical, mental and emotional challenges. I have worked in the Emergency Room, Psychiatric Hospitals, Intensive and Critical Care and spent my later years in nursing as an Acute Dialysis Nurse performing dialysis procedures on severe cases that required hospitalization. With each patient, it became more evident how a person’s well-being depends on more than physical or emotional health alone. To feel healthy, happy and fulfilled, we must learn to recognize and foster the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

“We live in a culture and society that often sends us negative and stressful messages that can make us doubt ourselves and question our priorities”

Online Therapy with Dr. Robert Marselle

I saw that I could do more to help my patients than provide medical care, and in 1995 I earned a doctorate degree in psychology (Psy.D.) and became licensed by the state of California. For the next 20 years I traveled to hospitals across California, providing psychology and nursing services to struggling patients and worried or confused family members. In my private practice, I also worked with troubled and special needs children and teenagers living in group homes as wards of the state. In this role, I refined my expertise as a psychometrician by administering psychological testing in order to obtain more services and support for these kids in need and learned my way around the education system. In my private practice I have treated individuals and couples, as well as children, with a variety of issues. As a registered nurse for more than 35 years and a hospital psychologist for over 22 years, my training and real-world experience exceed that required to qualify as a medical psychologist. Additionally, I know how administrations and hospitals work, and I can help individuals navigate medical issues and questions about medication as well as provide effective individual and relationship counseling.

I have met some truly outstanding people and had the privilege of playing a role in their continued growth and development. In my years providing medical and mental health care, I have seen suffering and joy, happiness and miracles. But, I recognized that not everyone is able to attend in-office therapy sessions. For some, there are no qualified therapists in driving distance. Others may struggle with issues like chronic pain or severe anxiety that leave them feeling too worried, ashamed or helpless to seek the help they need. So, in an effort to make therapy more accessible, I earned my certification as a TeleMental Health provider and began my online therapy website: Telepsyonline.

I understand that some individuals will still prefer meeting in person, and online therapy may not be the best fit in those instances. Studies show that telepsychology can be just as effective as in-person counseling while offering greater convenience and flexibility. Using a secure video connection, you can complete therapy sessions while on the go or from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

While many individuals choose to work with me because of my medical background, I offer a variety of specialties, including health and wellness, individual counseling, relationship counseling and psychometric testing. If I feel you would benefit from more specialized therapy than I provide, I can either refer you to another telepsychologist or help you find accessible in-person support.

There are times when you need someone who will understand you and listen to you without judgment – someone who cares about you for who you are. I understand how difficult it can be to ask for help when you feel helpless and alone. Together, you and I will explore your challenges so you can find your own meaningful and lasting solutions.

Dr. Robert Marselle earned his doctorate degree in psychology (Psy.D.) from Ryokan College in Los Angeles and his Masters in Counseling Psychology from La Jolla University. He is a licensed clinical  psychologist and a Registered Nurse (RN) in the state of California and is a certified TeleMental Health Provider by the TeleMental Health Institute, TMHI.

Free 15 minute consultation


Free 15 minute consultation

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