Online Therapy using your computer or mobile device

Online Therapy

Have you considered therapy but can’t find the time during your busy schedule to drive to regular sessions? Do you wish you could see your therapist from the comfort and privacy of your own home? We all deal with personal, professional and relationship challenges at times in our lives. It can be helpful to have the guidance and support of a neutral, nonjudgmental therapist. But, you may not be sure who you can turn to or how you can fit therapy into your life. Online therapy with Dr. Robert Marselle allows individuals from all over California to find the resources and compassionate support they need to address a variety of personal and relationship challenges.

Why Choose Online Therapy?

You may wonder why you should consider online therapy over counseling sessions conducted in an office. The truth is that there are far more positives to telepsychology than you might have considered. For starters, online therapy is more affordable and flexible than traditional in-office counseling because there is very little overhead. Wherever you are in California and no matter how busy you get, telepsychology puts the power of therapy at your fingertips. You can close the door, put on a pair of headphones and we can meet face to face without ever leaving your home or workplace. You can even pull over in a parking lot and connect to the Patient Portal securely with your mobile device.

New research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of mental health services online, known as TeleMental Health. There is no physical contact in therapy, and our ability to connect and address your challenges will not be affected by our meeting online instead of in person. I am a licensed psychologist as well as a certified TeleMental Health Provider. I have trained in all aspects of online psychology, including technical, legal and ethical requirements and considerations. And, just as you would for any therapist, you should be asking questions about anyone you are considering for telepsychology to make sure you find the right fit.

How Does Telepsychology Work?

Telepsychology works in much the same way that traditional therapy does in that you will schedule sessions, often weekly or bi-monthly. But, unlike in-office counseling, you can complete online therapy while you are on the go or from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

When accessing the Patient Portal on the Telepsyonline website, you will be taken to a completely different server where we create a calm environment similar to what you would experience in a traditional office setting. After logging in, you will be able to sign up as a client, fill out informed consent documents and send secure notes and messages so you aren’t using your personal email. Any messages you receive can be accessed through a secure system, and any notifications we send will be generic and non-identifying so no one can chance on our communication or records. Here, you can also view my calendar and make an appointment that fits your schedule I offer evening and weekend appointments by request. When it is time for your appointment, you simply login to your secure portal and click on the Start Video Session button.

I will keep files, treatment plans and progress notes like any other therapist. All of the data we collect, including your Electronic Medical Record (EMR), is completely confidential and is backed up on two or more redundant servers located in different states to safeguard against some form of data loss disaster. The software that we use is HIPAA compliant and utilizes the best military-grade encryption available today. The only person with the password to access collected data is your mental health provider.

In addition to benefitting individuals, online therapy can be an invaluable resource for companies and organizations as a tool for Human Resources professionals or as a part of their Employee Assistance Programs. TeleMental Health is an excellent way for you or your organization to get confidential psychological services conveniently and inexpensively. Learn more about individual counseling, internship supervision and corporate counseling and consulting with Dr. Marselle.

What You’ll Need (Technical Specifications)

TeleMental Health is an excellent way to receive confidential psychological services more conveniently and at a lower cost. All you will need to participate in telepsychology is a good cable Internet connection, a computer with a camera and a microphone.

  1. A good cable Internet connection.
  2. Computer (or tablet) with a built in or external webcam and microphone.
  3. You may want headphones (or a headset that includes audio and a microphone)

Free 15 minute consultation


Free 15 minute consultation