Addiction Treatment

Has Your Addiction Or The Addiction Of A Loved One Made Life Unmanageable?
Addiction Treatment

Has Your Addiction Or The Addiction Of A Loved One Made Life Unmanageable?

Has addiction contributed to relationship problems, family conflict or the loss of a job? Does it feel like your life, goals and sense of self are falling apart around you? Do you turn into someone else when you use – someone angry, distant or even violent? You may have started drinking or using drugs to manage physical or emotional pain, but now you need more and more to feel relief. Are you concerned that your habit has become an addiction? Perhaps you are seeing more than one doctor or taking a variety of prescriptions – such as pain, anti-anxiety, and anti-depression medication. Are you nervous about becoming dependent or uncertain that you could function without them. Maybe you are having problems focusing or keeping up with professional responsibilities. You may feel like you are losing control or worry that you will relapse, but don’t know who you can turn to for understanding and support.

Alternately, you may find yourself in a co-dependent relationship, unintentionally supporting the addiction of a spouse, relative or close friend. Perhaps you feel anxious when you let your loved one manage their challenges and consequences. You might worry that he or she can’t survive without your emotional or financial support, which keeps you tangled up in the cycle of addiction. Maybe you feel as though you can’t live your life or express your needs. Over time, you may become angry or resentful that your loved one’s behavior hasn’t changed, leading to conflict and frustration that only refuels the cycle of use and regret.

Whether you are struggling under the weight of addiction or feel as though you are drowning as you attempt to hold your loved one up, feeling exhausted, isolated and overwhelmed. Do you wish you had the skills and resources you need to overcome addiction and foster healthy, lasting change in your life?

Many Individuals Struggle To Recover From Addiction

Almost every addict and former addict knows there is a difference between getting clean and staying sober. You might have a thought or experienced a trigger – a certain smell or a stressful situation, for example – that beginning again creates a sense of helplessness. Perhaps you began abusing alcohol, drugs, gambling or the Internet (including gaming or pornography) as a way to escape or to find relief from personal issues, such as trauma, anxiety or depression. Without fully realizing it, we often begin to abuse the things that have successfully alleviated problems or pain in the past. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you could keep your using under control this time. As you use with increasing frequency, you may experience unpleasant or unmanageable consequences at work, home. Planning when you can next use may leave you unfocused, irritable or distant, and you might struggle to keep up with personal and professional obligations, values and goals.

Even if you are not facing an addiction yourself, you may feel trapped in the same patterns. Individuals in co-dependent relationships often grew up feeling helpless. Just as the addict seeks relief and control through self-medication, the co-dependent takes on the caretaker role to avoid feeling lost, or incapable and helpless. You may offer emotional and financial support to a spouse, relative or friend who is struggling with addiction but, in doing so, neglect your needs.

Regardless of the ways in which substances or compulsive behaviors are restricting your life, addiction counseling can help you and your loved ones find healing, relief, and a new, more positive direction.

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You Can Find Relief And Recovery With Addiction Counseling

No matter how unmanageable or chaotic your life has become, there is a path to recovery. I offer nonjudgmental and sensitive support to help you understand and address your challenges. Whether you are struggling with addiction or co-dependency, addiction counseling can help you learn to shift your thinking and make healthier choices. You can recognize why you make decisions and take steps to foster a greater sense of wellness, mind, and body.

Telepsychology treatment for substance abuse often requires that you participate in another form of effective treatment, such as counseling for a co-occurring condition or a medically supervised detoxification program. Perhaps you started taking anti-depression or anti-anxiety medication, but it hasn’t given you the sense of relief you expected or need. I work in close alliance with your doctors to create a supervised detox plan that can help you start tapering down your use of ineffective medication in a safe and sustainable way. Additionally, if you are interested, I can help you find a rehab program, such as a 12-step program or a support group, to supplement addiction counseling.

I use a cognitive–emotional approach to help you recognize the magnitude of the problem addiction represents in your life so you can find the proper treatment. Specialized therapy gives you the resources and support you need to cope with unresolved trauma or anxiety that may be triggering your cravings. I also work with you in a more comfortable and convenient environment than traditional in-office therapy – your own home. And, because I am accessible online, I can provide ongoing treatment as you work toward recovery, as well as compassionate support in the case of relapse.

Almost all recovering addicts – and their loved ones – have suffered a relapse. I understand that willpower isn’t always enough to avoid using. My relapse prevention program focuses on planning ahead, allowing you to think about your situation and stay mindful of your mental and physical wellness. When you want to keep your life on track, it becomes easier to make healthy decisions about what you do with your time, money and energy. With a clear head, you can think through the cravings you experience and the consequences that giving in will have on your health, career and relationships.

I have been helping individuals understand and respond to issues of addiction and co-dependence for nearly 35 years. You can develop new ways to cope with life’s challenges and work through difficult emotions with resiliency, confidence, and self-worth. Addiction counseling gives you the resources, tools, and support you need to find relief and foster a calmer, more satisfying life, free from substance abuse.

You might believe that addiction treatment could help you recover but still have questions or concerns…

I’m uncomfortable receiving a diagnosis or a label.

It can be hard to believe that you are struggling with addiction or co-dependence, especially if you don’t have any cravings. The assessments I perform are designed to help us understand your situation, not label you as an “addict” or “co-dependent.” What matters is that I have the experience and resources to help you find relief and foster healing and recovery.

I would like my spouse or family members to come to sessions with me.

Addiction recovery can be a difficult experience, and it is common to want your spouse or loved ones to be present during sessions so they can offer support. While we can spend time discussing how we can incorporate your loved ones into our work together, it is important to remember that addiction counseling is an independent process. We will spend time addressing how addiction has impacted your relationships, but we need to work through your own challenges first. When you can better understand and manage addiction, you can begin taking steps to heal or strengthen your relationships.

What will people think if they find out I need addiction counseling?

While you may feel hesitant about committing to addiction counseling, you are taking a step toward healing, and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. That said, telepsychology is highly confidential. I am licensed by the state of California and bound by the same confidentiality laws that are in place during in-office therapy (HIPAA). Additionally, because we are meeting online, you can complete a therapy session at any particular time, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you are ready to to escape the cycle of addiction, or if you still have questions about online therapy, I invite you to schedule a FREE 15-minute complimentary phone consultation.

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