Parenting Counseling

Are You Struggling To Support Or Discipline Your Child?
Parenting Counseling

Are You Struggling To Support Or Discipline Your Child?

Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with parenting responsibilities and dealing with child behavioral problems? Have you tried to connect with your child but nothing seems to bring you any closer? Do you feel guilty or ashamed about your child’s behavior and worry that others are judging your parenting?

You may feel like you are constantly responding to calls from your child’s school or going in for meetings, but you don’t seem to notice a change in your child’s academic problems, behavior or issues of bullying. You might not know how to navigate the schooling process or work with teachers and administrators to get the accommodations or individualized education plan (IEP) your child needs to thrive in classes. Or, maybe you have noticed an increase in oppositional or defiant behavior at home or that your child has become more self-conscious or withdrawn. Perhaps your child says that they’ll do their chores or homework, but they either keep forgetting or refusing to follow-through. You may wonder if these changes are normal for your child’s age or being driven by family dysfunction or a disorder, such as anxiety, depression or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Over time, childhood difficulties can manifest as panic attacks or generalized anxiety, and you might worry that you aren’t taking the right steps to help your child feel secure, confident and happy throughout their lives.

Alternately, your child may be coping with an injury, disability or chronic illness that is impacting their emotional and physical wellbeing. You might worry about how medication or treatment will affect your son or daughter, or you and your partner may not agree on what would be best for your child and family. It can be difficult taking time for yourself, your spouse and other family members when you are spending so much energy and attention on one child. Ongoing child behavior problems can leave you feeling drained, depressed and stressed, as well as causing a sense of grief that you can’t control or influence your child’s behavior. You may feel like you don’t have any support and that there is nowhere to turn when you have parenting questions. Do you wish you could foster a healthier bond and more open and respectful communication with your child?

Almost All Parents Face Challenges While Raising Their Children

Many parents, whether married, partnered or single, want or need guidance as they struggle to address misbehavior or conduct issues. The number of parenting books and resources available reveals just how common and natural it is to have questions and concerns about how to raise a child. Children, like adults, are often aware when they are dealing with physical, emotional or academic challenges, though they may not understand all the details, reasons or consequences. Instead, children believe it is their fault when they are in distress or blame themselves for other external conflict, such as parental fighting. And, because many children and adolescents are still developing their verbal and communication skills, they may express their pain, discomfort, anxiety or guilt by acting out or becoming angry.

Emotional and behavioral challenges in children can be driven by a variety of causes, including learning disabilities, emotional disorders and injuries. It can be heartbreaking when you see that your child is suffering, but you don’t know why or what you can do to help. You may have been told that you should have an evaluation done to better understand why you or your child is struggling, but you aren’t sure how to find a counselor with the right training and experience.

In addition to being a licensed psychologist and a certified TeleMental Health Practitioner in California, I have spent years as a registered nurse (RN). I have worked with children, adolescents and their parents as they responded to a variety of physical, emotional and relationship challenges, including chronic illness, bipolar disorder, substance abuse or addiction. With parenting counseling, you can understand why your child is struggling and foster a healthy parent-child relationship where you both feel respected, have your needs met and reconnect as a family.

Parenting Counseling Can Help You Foster A Healthy, Happy Family Life

I can help you understand why your child is struggling and what you can do to connect with him or her and resolve conflict in your family. You can find the resources, guidance and support you need to address behavior issues before they progress or lead to lasting consequences that could limit your child’s future. By developing a strategy that is tailored to you and your child’s unique challenges and relationship, you can learn to empathize with your child’s experience, communicate your needs clearly and resolve conflict as a team.

Regardless of the difficulties you are having as parents, I can help diagnose the problem and put together an effective strategy so you and your child can heal and grow together. As a clinical psychologist, I have the training and experience to properly evaluate and prepare accommodations for your child at home and at school. I can help you navigate childhood behavior issues and find solutions before they develop into dysfunctional relationships, potentially dangerous conduct disorders and serious emotional and legal problems.

You and your child can develop practical tools and communication skills to understand and resolve conflict from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can learn to create clear and consistent boundaries and consequences that your child will respect, rather than responding to misbehavior by becoming angry, threatening punishment or withholding love. In addition to offering guidance and support during parenting counseling sessions, I can help you locate supportive and beneficial community resources and programs, such as parenting classes or play therapy.

Whether you are a biological parent, foster parent or adoptive parent in need of a pre-adoptive evaluation, there is a way to find answers and solutions that can work for you. There is no one right way to raise your child. Parenting requires on the job training, and you may need a little support as you manage questions, concerns or doubts you are having, as well as learn to recognize how your thoughts and behaviors might be impacting your relationship with your child. With parenting counseling, you and your child can understand your dynamics, receive an accurate diagnosis and develop a collaborative and effective therapy approach. You can learn to connect to your child in a more open, honest and respectful way.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about parenting counseling…

My child’s behavior doesn’t seem that serious.

Almost all children go through natural periods of growth where they act out or misbehave, but there are a number of more serious factors that may be causing or contributing to the difficulties you and your child are experiencing. If you have any concerns at all about your parenting or your child, you should have an evaluation as soon as you can. By catching and addressing issues early, you can help your child find relief, healing and growth as well as foster a happy, more peaceful family life.

Isn’t it normal for children to go through phases where they act out? Won’t this just blow over?

It is completely natural for children to misbehave at times, and your child may grow out of this disruptive phase. If you have any concerns about your parenting or your child, however, there are steps you can take to understand the factors that are contributing to the disconnect in your relationship with your child. I can help determine if this is a normal phase or if your child’s behavior is a sign of a disability, disorder or illness and what you can do to help him or her feel happy and confident.

It’s hard to find time when both my child and I can attend parenting counseling together.

Unlike traditional, in-office therapy, you and your child can schedule and attend telepsychology sessions together from the comfort and convenience of your own home. And, in addition to costing less, studies have shown that kids often focus and listen more attentively with online therapy than in-person counseling.

If you are ready to build a stronger bond with your child, or if you still have questions about online therapy, I invite you to schedule a FREE 15-minute complimentary phone consultation.

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